Organic Compost

Sourced from Composting New Zealand’s Kapiti based plant, CNZ’s certified organic compost is manufactured from 100% green-waste and completely additive and filler free to ensure soil integrity.

Used as a supplement to soil, rather than as a soil replacement, compost provides a healthy, natural balance of minerals and nutrients for sustained plant growth. The production process naturally generates heat to destroy weed seeds, soil-borne plant pathogens and disease.

Benefits include:

  • Increased water absorption
  • Minimised erosion
  • Increased soil nutrients
  • Increased soil organic matter
  • Disease suppression
  • Stronger plants

Composting NZ compost is available at $62.50 per half cubic metre and $115 per cubic metre. Also available in 40L bags at a price of $10 per bag or 3 bags for $27.

Organic Compost - Masterton, Wairarapa


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