Grass Seed

We offer a choice of two grass seeds for our customers, to suit preference.

Landscapers Mix produces lush green grass typically found in quality residential gardens, and has a good tolerance for both shade and drought, so will usually grow well even in difficult locations in your garden.

As the name suggests, Tall Fescue grows tall, and is likewise very tolerant to drought and shade.  Tall Fescue grass does tend to be more resilient over the long haul, although this can vary depending on the conditions of your soil.

Landscapers Mix is a faster growing seed due to the rye content, whilst Tall Fescue is a little slower to start.

If you are unsure which seed to choose, talk to our friendly on-site experts for advice.

Both products are currently available at the price of $20 per 1kg bag.

grass seed

tall fescue grass

landscapers mix grass